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    30 Days To Genius: Realizing Your Vast Potential

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    by Jared Yoder
    ISBN: 978-1-60047-761-4
    118 pgs.

    How long does it take to become a genius? Jared believes that everyone can become a genius in 30 days by realizing that you already are a genius and becoming conscious of all your thoughts both genius and otherwise. By becoming aware of, and acknowledging our thoughts and feelings we will be more in tune with the vast potential within us.

    Praise for 30 Days To Genius

    “Great advice has never been packaged so concisely! Sorry ma, but I’ve gotta go fix my life...I’ll call you in an hour! Thanks Jared!” ~ Joe Vitiello, genius Italian, artist and friend

    “This is the greatest book [of mine] I’ve ever read!” ~ Jared Yoder

    “I...know...Jared is a genius...he...publish a book, and that’s something.” ~ Ali Farahnakian, genius founder of People’s Improv Theater

    Post-Mortem Praise for 30 Days To Genius

    “I wish someone had given me this book when I was starting out.” ~ Leonardo DaVinci

    “Thou shalt read this book!” ~Moses

    “Book!” ~Trog

    Jared Yoder is a wonderful human being whom you would very much enjoy getting to know. He is from the peaceful land of Ohio, went to college in the cornful land of Indiana and also spent 2.3 years studying comedy in NYC, the ‘City of Brotherly Shove.’ Jared is a Real Estate Agent (do you know anyone that wants to buy or sell a home?) and author currently residing back in Ohio, ‘The Friendly Place.’
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